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Auto Repair Culver City CA

auto repair culver city ca

Do you need Auto Repair in Culver City CA? Maybe your car broke down on the 405 freeway or you live near Culver City. Quality Automotive is just off the 405 on Washington Blvd and Sepulveda. In close proximity to Mar Vista, Playa, Marina Del Rey, and Venice Beach.

How to tell an amateur car mechanic from a pro?

A professional auto repair shop must have the tools and facility to conduct business. Beware of mobile car mechanics that come to your home. If you do decide to use a mobile mechanic service, please confirm that the mobile mechanic has a physical location you can visit should a problem occur with a faulty repair.

A professional mechanic has longterm business relationships with suppliers and auto parts companies that offer product warranties.

Having a valid business license with the Bureau of Automotive Repair is a tell-tale sign to determine if you are dealing with an amateur car mechanic or a professional automotive technician. To determine if a repair shop is registered with BAR, below is California department of consumer affairs website link. Just search repair shop by name or license.

Does the mechanic have a good reputation? Is the repair shop highly recommended? Read the reviews.

Is your car experiencing symptoms that need repair?

Brake repair – You hear a high pitched metallic sound, grinding or scraping when you apply the car brakes. If so you should bring your vehicle in for auto service as your braking system may need new brake pads and rotors.

Engine repair – If your car check engine light goes on the computer control module needs to be scanned to pinpoint the issue. Perhaps there is an issue with the engine. Symptoms that may need engine repair while driving include poor acceleration, rough idling, stalling or difficulting starting the engine. Also if you see dark oily fluid your engine is leaking oil. A bad gasket or seal could cause the leak.

Transmission repair – When your engine speeds up but the vehicle doesn’t respond this is a common sign your car is having transmission issues. Any issues with abrupt or hard shifts between gears should be looked at for transmission service or repair.

Catalytic converter replacement – if you smell rotten eggs your emissions control device is not functioning. Your catalytic converter may need replacement to be in compliant with California state law.

Coolant leak – a sweet pungent odor means coolant is being released or burned. You may need to top off the coolant reservoir so the engine isn’t damaged from overheating.

Finding the right auto repair shop in Culver City

Los Angeles has auto repair shops on every corner but it can be a bit overwhelming when deciding which repair shop to choose. If you drive a European or Japanese car it makes so much sense to find an independent auto mechanic shop to help you save rather than going to the dealership.

Location is key when choosing a repair shop if you live or work near Culver City. Who wants to deal with LA traffic for repairs. Quality Automotive is located down the street from the Culver City DMV at 11216 Washington Blvd and Sepulveda. The complete auto repair facility is across the street from the Mazda dealership just off the 405 freeway.

Quality Automotive employs ASE certified mechanics equipped with the latest diagnostic tools for specific European and Japanese makes and models. Check out the reviews or contact Quality Automotive to schedule a free onsite diagnostic for your vehicle.