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Why brake repair is important:

Car brakes are the biggest safety component of your vehicle. Effective vehicle braking prevents car accidents from happening and saves lives. Having your brakes checked by a professional auto repair shop is part of the manufacturer routine service and ongoing maintenance everyone should do. No matter what types of brake or braking system your vehicle has, car mechanics at Quality Automotive in Culver City are trained to help you drive safely. Our ASE certified auto technicians perform free brake inspections, replace brake parts, performs brake fluid flushes, and will only do the brake repair needed to keep you safe without breaking the bank.

Background info on car braking:

Ever wonder how your brakes actually work?

Ever wonder why your car stops when you push the brake pedal? Maybe it’s magic! Your brakes are made up of approximately 40 parts but function from an invention by Malcolm Lockheed in 1918 called the 4 Wheel Hydraulic system.

When you push down on the brake pedal you are pushing a piston that pushes hydraulic fluid from the master cylinder into the brake caliper. The brake caliper clamps down on the brake rotors or discs to stop the wheel. To reduce friction between the brake caliper and rotors, each wheel has brake pads made of fibrous material to absorb the friction. When the brake pads are low you will get a rubbing of metal on metal creating a deep, low noise that sounds like metal grinding. Brake pads wear down and can become loose, cracked or broken. Rotors can become groved, pitted or warped from the continuous pressure of braking. Car brake inspection should be part of your vehicles routine service.

What you need to know about your brakes:

How often should the brake pads of your car be replaced?

There is no specific interval to replace brake pads. Brakes pads get worn down based on driving style and environmental factors. In cities like Los Angeles where there is heavy traffic, brakes wear quicker due to the stop and go traffic.

How long should brake service normally take?

Brake service can be done quickly, in less than 1 hour, or take an entire day if parts need to be ordered. For instance, a brake fluid flush takes 20 minutes while replacing your brake pads, rotors, and sensors may take longer as we may not have the parts in stock specific to your vehicle. Many times, we will recommended bringing your car into Quality Automotive first thing in the morning so we can order the parts, do the repairs, and have the vehicle ready for you in the afternoon.

When to replace brake pads?

Most modern cars have a low-pad indicator light system that will turn on from your dashboard if a brake sensor is triggered. Not every brake pad has a corresponding brake sensor so you can’t just rely on the indicator light system.

You can always due a visual examination by looking through your vehicle rims for the brake pad. If there is less than ¼ inch of brake pad left it’s time to bring your vehicle in for brake repair.

If you hear any sound like squeeling, screechng or a grinding noise coming from your wheels your brakes should be inspected.

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